Down Syndrome Association of West Michigan

Sam's Steppers - Captain: Tara Pigorsh
Thank you for supporting the Down Syndrome Association of West Michigan!  

Thank you for taking the time to visit Sam's page!  The love and support that we have received from family and friends is beyond words!  Thank you!

The Down Syndrome Association of West MI is a phenomenal resource for families in the area!  This event is their biggest fundraiser of the year.  Thank you for showing the love to our homies with extra chromies! :)

My Registrants
Molly Sutherland
Abby Pigorsh
Dana Pigorsh
Kellie Sutherland
Tara Pigorsh
Luke Pigorsh
Ellie Kempf
Annie Amidon
Jacob Sutherland
Laura Pigorsh
Andy Pigorsh
Peter Pigorsh
Anne Klein
Dan Pigorsh
Bill Sutherland
Sharon Sutherland
Emily Sutherland
Ty Sutherland
Landon Pigorsh
Anna Pigorsh
Alex Sutherland
Harper Pigorsh
Team Goal

Team Donors
Tom Pigorsh
Aunt Sue
Beth Albert-Quinley
Tim Deboer
John & Sherry
Aunt Kathy
Barbara Smith
Dana Pigorsh
Mary Pigorsh
The Alberts
Sarah Castro
Laura Amidon
Aunt Tonya and Uncle Ken
Sharon Sutherland
Jenny Robbins
Jeanette and Mike Pigorsh
Pigorsh Family
Jenny and Mike
Alex & Jen Gasco
Special Thanks To Our Sponsors!
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