Down Syndrome Association of West Michigan

Natters Matters - Captain: Lindsey Kloeckner
Thank you for supporting the Down Syndrome Association of West Michigan!  

I invite you to donate to our team, Natters Matters, for this year’s Step Up for Down Syndrome walk with the Down Syndrome Association of West Michigan.

People may think that Down syndrome has limited my world. That it has limited what the future looks like for my family, but it’s actually quite the contrary. Down syndrome has opened our world. It has introduced us to new families, and new dreams. To new joy and so much love.

Natalie Porter is the greatest blessing that we never knew to ask for. She is joyful and fierce. In the last year, she has tackled open heart surgery, ear tubes, kicked her oxygen at night and mastered crawling and sitting up. The sky is the limit for our sweet girl. And we know, without a shadow of a doubt, that Natters matters!

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