Down Syndrome Association of West Michigan

Mister Ezra's Neighborhood - Captain: Lisa Sturm
Thank you for supporting the Down Syndrome Association of West Michigan!  

Hi everyone!! Thanks so much for visiting our fundraising page and for being a supporter of individuals with Down syndrome!! Our family enjoys participating in this event and would love to have you join our team! Your presence and/or donations are not taken for granted.  It means a lot to our family!! Fundraising events like this help make the world a better place for those with Down syndrome.  DSAWM provides a lot of programming and events for families and individuals.  Ezra is directly affected by the programs available to him through DSAWM.  We are so thankful to have this available to us, but it obviously couldn't be done without people stepping up and donating to make it happen.  THANK YOU so much for considering a donation!! No donation is too small.  It all adds up to make one big difference. :) 

A note about the day...if you haven't participated in an event like this before it is a very family friendly event.  Truly all are welcome! We would love to have you join us.  There are a lot of fun activities.  It is a great way to start introducing yourself or your children to those with disabilities.  It is the young ones who will someday be leaders so having them learn early that we all have differences and appreciating the value of all is invaluable.  

THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU again!!!! We are so thankful for all of Ezra's supporters!!  We get a bit emotional when we think about it. Whether you walk or donate we consider you a part of Mister Ezra's Neighborhood, which spans across states. Gah! It truly is overwhelming and amazing.  So much love to all of you!!!!


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