Down Syndrome Association of West Michigan

Friends of Faith - Captain: Tabitha Thommen
Thank you for supporting the Down Syndrome Association of West Michigan!  

Come and support Faith as we walk to raise money for the DSAWM.


SUDS Schedule

SEPTEMBER 30, 2017

JOHN BALL PARK ZOO1300 West Fulton St, Grand Rapids

7:00 - 8:30:  Set Up for Volunteers & Staff

8:30: Registration Begins

8:30 - 10:30: Games & Activities

10:30 - 10:45: Announcements & Introductions

10:45: Make Our Way Into Zoo

11:00: SUDS Walk

Enjoy the ZOO after your walk!


My Registrants
Rusty Haight
Lexi Thommen
Vienna Misch
Eli Scraver
Izzy Dobson
Case Bono
Will Seaver
Bob Fisher
Tabitha Thommen
Kayli Bono
Brooklyn Seaver
Andrea Misch
Katie Kokx
Autumn Bettens
Avani Misch
Bobby Fisher
Brad Boone
Chad Bono
Jukia Fisher
Heather Dobson
Ashley Eziukwu
Cailyn Bono
Stephanie Thommen
Jim Thommen
Alicia Boone
Faith Thommen
Joseph Thommen
Taya Scraver
Lorraine Chase
Barb Thommen
John Thommen
Cody Haight
Jaxson Frantz
Adam Kokx
Angela Frantz
Briona Seaver
Amy Thommen
Lorelai Boone
Steve Boone
Eric Fisher
Jeffery Thommen
Lindsay Hartman
Ian Mesler
Beth Thommen
Zak Thommen
Kenzie Thommen
Kenai Kokx
Tiffany Haight
Jody Misch
Belle Boone
Autumn Bettend
Joe Thommen
Ayla Kokx
Thatcher Misch
Michael Chase
Laura Fisher
Team Goal

Team Donors
Christy Thommen
Sarah Grasshoff
Chad Carpenter
Bobby Fisher
Bobbi Friend
Magen Payne
Barb Thommen
Emily Dreves
Jacob & Grant
Amy Thommen
Janette Clark
Andrea Fletcher
Russell Haight
Janette Clark
Lindsey Weesies
Lorraine and Michael Chase
Russell and Tiffany Haight
Special Thanks To Our Sponsors!
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