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Dylan Michael - Captain: Crystal Smith
Thank you for supporting the Down Syndrome Association of West Michigan!  

We found out at our 20 week ultrasound that there were some anomalies and that Dylan may have Down syndrome. After weeks of waiting and no answers we were finally given the news that Dylan would in fact be born with Down syndrome. We knew we had a difficult road ahead, but we were more than willing to share this journey with him as a family. 

On March 13, 2015 our son was born sleeping just 10 days before his scheduled induction date. We vowed that we would carry his legacy with us forever. We wanted to do our part to be involved in the Down syndrome community and make our son proud of us. 

In his very short time with us, he has changed the lives of so many people we are close with. He really did open many people's eyes to the importance of inclusion and we hope that we are able to carry his legacy with us always.

Since losing Dylan, we have welcomed his sister Grace into our family and we just know that he hand picked her for us. He is her guardian angel forever and always.

This is now our 3rd year of participating in the Step Up for Down Syndrome walk and we hope to bring more and more awareness and raise more every year we are part of this great event.

Thank you to all of you for taking the time to hear our story and making a donation on the behalf of our sweet angel in heaven, Dylan Michael Smith! Love you forever. 


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