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Kru's Cronies - Captain: Maria Nykerk
Thank you for supporting the Down Syndrome Association of West Michigan!  

Thank you for visiting Kru's Cronies fundraising page, we're glad you are here! Your support will allow the DSAWM to continue providing programs, assistance, and resources to people with Down Syndrome and their families. Visit to see what it's all about!


Two years ago, our team raised $4,971 and this year our goal is to double it...but we can't do it without you! Join Kru's Cronies or make a donation to support this huge cause and support the Down Syndrome community of West Michigan.


Thanks for stopping by, thank you for joining our team, thank you for your donations, thank you for your support, thank you for being you! We can't say it enough, we appreciate you all and hope to see you on September 30th!

My Registrants
Mary Nykerk
Ruth Krawczak
Scott Nykerk
Josh Wieschowski
Kyle and Erica Engbers
Archer Nykerk
Hollen Emmick
Ryan Donley
Alex Nykerk
Cindi Donley
Dave Emmick
Chris Wirgau
Jackie Krawczak
Ashley Donley
Mary Lynn Schouten
Brian Donley
Terry Gruppen
Nick Nykerk
Bennett Nykerk
Kruger Nykerk
Henry Nykerk
Joan Howard
Tiffany Nykerk
Jill Emmick
Maria Nykerk
Stephanie McLaughlin
Dan & Lori Khodl
Mea Emmick
Julie Cole
Angela Maly
McCoy Donley
Jackson Nykerk
Max Nykerk
Kaylee Nykerk
Liz Wirgau
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Team Donors
Grace Silva
The Hauck Family
Rachel Austin
Grandpa & Grandma
Aunt P
Larry Zuverink
Kyle and Erica Engbers
Stacy Chatfield
Mary Nykerk
Brian & McCoy Donley
Grandpa & Grandpa
Michelle Boerman
Hollen & Mea
Joseph Novakoski
Tom &Sue Den Herder
Julie Cole
Mike Novakoski
Gabrielle Brummel
Max Schmidt
Derek Burdick
Terry Gruppen
Julie VanEenenaam
Tom and Pat Postma
David & Sue Borgeson
Maria Nykerk
Keith and Jane Raterink
Scott Jesko
Bev Groenheide
Jim Bush
Andrew & Stephanie
Randy Hansen
Dave & Jill
Melissa Olive
Andrew and Stephanie
Mae Nykerk
Lori Baumann
the Khodls
Michelle Buse
Matt, Kim, Kyla and Noah
Max + Kaylee
Caleb Pols
Dan Jenema
Sarah Dykstra
Jeff Ler
Jordan Gougeon
Jeri Zoch
Jack &a Bev Michelson
Curt & Mary Schouten
Janet Elzinga
Julie Beckhusen
Kelsey Juergens
Loretta & Andy Morrison
Les & Pam Poort
Fischer Nykerk
Tammy Kiekintveld
Brad, Erin, Kaelyn, Kamryn, and Baby Emory
Bernie Terlaan
Dan Faulkner
Chris + Liz Wirgau
Todd & Kathy Nykerk
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